About Me:

Hi.. Welcome to the personal website of Jason Brown. I would describe myself as a fairly typical (but is anyone truly typical?) I'm in my late 40s. I've lived all my life in a few places in Southern Ontario. I've had some type of a personal domain/website for almost 20 years, but usually never have too much content on them. I think of having a website as both a personal "internet presence" and potential future project. I've always thought about blogging, but never really get around to it.

my family, circa 2016

I've worked in IT/Computers/Tech for around 22 years. For about 15 years I've been doing an Infrastructure/Operations/System Administration role for a pretty large public sector organization. If you've ever worked in this type of job, you'd probably agreee that it is always changing fairly rapidly (both the technology that is in use and exactly what you are responsible for). You can see more detailed information about my work/career by clicking the link on the menu above.

I've been interested in bicycles in one way or another for many years. In my very early teen years I was really into BMX, before moving on to skateboarding. Through my 20s I was quite a serious mountain biker (even entering some amateur races along with my buddies that I rode with). Currently I have three bikes: 1) cyclocross/gravel, 2) "old school" 26" Mountain Hardtail and 3) BMX "Cruiser" (old man's BMX). I'm a fan of classic steel frames and design. I don't ride nearly as much as I once did, but still average around 50Km/week during the warmer months (between the drop bar bike and the singlespeed). Three bikes is enough, but my son has basically took over my Mountain Bike, so I should maybe get myself something new, one day. I like doing all the maintenance on my own bikes and customizing them somewhat. This is part of the appeal of cycling I think (the "DIY" aspect).

I've been a big music fan and collector for many years. Coming of age when I did (the 90s), I still have a fondess for "physical media". I've got over 300 records in my collection, plus a whole wack of CDs. These days when I listen to music, I usually just "stream" it. Typically I've been a fan/collector of the punk, post-punk, new wave, indie rock, indie pop genres. In recent years I've been listening/collecting more Reggae (70s Roots & Dub especially). More recently I've been expanding the electronic and Hip-Hop sections of my collection.

I'm also a fairly avid reader. I get through around 25 books a year (mostly non-fiction, with the odd novel). I also have a passing interest in design: both objects (mid-century furniture/architecture) and visual page layout etc.